A fishing calendar to show you where we fish throughout the year. Fish run changes, river conditions, last minute rule changes and certain other factors can change where we fish and when we fish so please contact us before making final decisions on when you want to fish and where you want to fish to get the absolute latest fishing information.

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Coho /
= Best Time To Fish
Winter Steelhead

January -
Mid April

Winter Steelhead

The Winter Steelhead runs start in November and last through April. It's not uncommon to have 10 fish days. The fish average 8 -12 lbs with the bigger ones occasionally breaking 20 lbs.

Summer Steelhead

June -

Summer Steelhead

These fish are with out a doubt the most acrobatic of all the fish that we fish for. Fishing for Summer Steelhead entails a sunny day with lots of fish. The North Umpqua hosts one of the States best native and hatchery Summer Steelhead. Fish size average 6-8 lbs.

Smallmouth Bass

July -

Smallmouth Bass

If numbers are your game then this is your fish. 100 fish days are the norm for these aggressive fish. This fish presents an excellent opportunity to be caught on a fly or using conventional gear.

Spring Chinook

April -

Spring Chinook

Spring Chinook are unquestionably the hardest fighting Salmon. They are by far the best eating of the entire salmon family. These fish can be taken using a number of techniques. They range in size from Jacks up to 40lbs with average size being about 15lbs.

Fall  Chinook

August -December

Fall Chinook

These fish are the largest fish that we fish for and come in big numbers. These fish range in size from 15 lbs to 50 plus pounds and can be caught using a variety of techniques.


May -


Pound for Pound the most scrappiest fish that you will fish for with us. It is not uncommon to hook one of these fish every 10 minutes. These fish are considered the Umpqua's tarpon. We fish for these with conventional gear and are an excellent fish to take on flies. Fish size average are 2 lbs. - 5 lbs.



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